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Help me, AlliedGPT

AlliedGPT is customized with AGM-specific prompts to maximize efficiency and relevance. Here are some prompts to try this week:

  • This prompt can help you understand your audience's challenges and identify value propositions.

  • Use this prompt to generate blog topic ideas based on a given brand or product - you can even make it market-specific!

  • Quickly and easily generate a list of high-performing keywords with this prompt.


In a hurry? Here's our pick of the top news items of the week.

  • Google’s Gemini chatbot is available in Messages courtesy of an Android update, though users must be enrolled in Google’s beta testing program to access it for now. (The Verge)

  • Over half (51%) of Gen Z consumers worldwide use social media to look up a brand, compared to 45% who turn to search engines. (Insider)

  • AMC Theater CEO Adam Aron said “literally all” of AMC's Q4 revenue increase was driven by Taylor Swift and Beyoncé. (THR)

  • Travelers are planning trips further in advance, with bookings in the 180+ day window seeing 15% QoQ growth globally. (Expedia)

Agency updates

  • Our Digital Earned Media and Client Solutions teams secured influencer and celebrity talent to attend and create content around an exclusive preview screening of "Dune: Part Two" in Sydney. Select local influencers will also showcase the 70mm IMAX projection in Melbourne. The campaign was designed to educate movie buffs and casual moviegoers alike that IMAX is the best place to experience the film as the makers intended.

Interesting campaigns / creative

  • Mucinex invited players to crush Mr. Mucus in an AI-powered game called Mucus Masher. (Marketing Dive)

  • McDonald's created an OOH ad to remind us that an egg McMuffin is better than any alarm clock out there. (LBB Online)

  • Pride in London's new anti-pink-washing initiative means it's only partnering with brands that foster inclusion year-round. (AdWeek)

  • Osea is celebrating rare discounts by bringing its website back to 1996 to match its prices. (THR)


  • aWomen in South Korea make up 55% of professional sports fans, while US women make up less than half and around a quarter in the UK and Australia. (NYT)

  • Nearly 40% of TikTok users worldwide are in their 30s and 40s - in other words, millennials and young Gen Xers. (Garbage Day)

  • Almost 70% of travelers globally say they're more likely than ever to travel to a concert outside their hometown. (Expedia)


  • Instagram is testing live-stream games to enhance engagement. (Social Media Today)

  • Threads sees triple the daily downloads of X on iOS globally, and more than double the number of installs on Google Play. (Tech Crunch)

  • Fortnite will return to iOS in Europe thanks to the Digital Markets Act. (Tech Crunch)

  • Universal Music Group’s Mercury Studios will launch a new FAST channel in the UK, GIGS, that will feature live performances and documentaries from across UMG’s audio-visual catalogue. (Broadband TV News)

  • Adobe's new prototype tool, Project Music GenAI Control, can generate audio using text prompts and provides editing features to customize the results within the same workflow. (The Verge)


  • The entire Super Rugby Aupiki Final will be shot in vertical format and streamed live on Sky NZ’s TikTok. (StopPress)

  • Spotify is rolling out a new feature called Song Psychic that lets users ask Spotify questions and get answers in the form of music. (Tech Crunch)

  • As the standoff continues, Universal is now pushing to have all tracks on which its artists have even contributed pulled from TikTok. (Social Media Today)

Tech & AI

  • Google will relaunch Gemini's picture generator in a few weeks amid mounting criticism of inaccurate images. (CNBC)

  • A new app called Splitscreen lets Vision Pro users add a second macOS display, even if it uses a different Apple ID. (Tech Crunch)

  • Microsoft's Windows 11 Copilot is being enhanced with new plugins for services like OpenTable, Shopify, and Kayak, along with added skills for changing system settings. (Tech Crunch)

Location-based entertainment

  • SeatGeek is introducing new features, including a tool that recommends the best price, automatic tags that list extra perks, and the ability to list tickets to multiple events at once. (Tech Crunch)

  • Netflix will pick up its first Broadway credit this spring as a producer of “Patriots” by Peter Morgan. (NYT)

  • Jack Harlow announced the headliners for his Gazebo Festival in Louisville, which features SZA, James Blake and Omar Apollo. (Variety)

  • Disney World increased its theme park ticket prices for 2025 by $10 per person. (Click Orlando)

Travel & hospitality

  • Expedia will eliminate 1.5K jobs as travel growth relaxes worldwide. (Bloomberg)

  • Virgin Voyages cancelled its second Australasian season due to conflict in the Middle East and tensions in the Red Sea. (Karryon)

  • Plans are underway to construct a three-story building in southwest Las Vegas that would house event space and a steakhouse on the top floor. (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

  • Travel demand to France has already increased ahead of the 2024 Olympic Games, as flight bookings, not just searches, to Paris are up 125% YoY. (Marketing Dive)

Mental health

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