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Help me, AlliedGPT

AlliedGPT is customized with AGM-specific prompts to maximize efficiency and relevance. Here are some prompts to try this week:

  • Curious about what an SEO audit might reveal? Enter the website URL into this prompt along with the target country to see the results.

  • Our ask-a-doc feature lets you upload and query any document. Use it to better understand an RFP, past performance, or even to get the gist of an article.

  • Use this prompt to see all the specs and sizes required for any given advertising partner.


In a hurry? Here's our pick of the top news items of the week.

  • TikTok unveiled a new rewards app called Coin App that's designed to help the platform boost growth among people aged 18 and older across Europe. (The Information)

  • OpenAI and Meta are on the brink of releasing new AI models that they say will be capable of reasoning and planning. (Financial Times)

  • Premium ChatGPT users, customers paying for ChatGPT Plus, Team or Enterprise, can now leverage an updated and enhanced version of GPT-4 Turbo. (Tech Crunch)

  • Humane released its Ai Pin, a $700 tiny computer featuring a virtual assistant pulling data from OpenAI. (NYT)

Agency updates

  • Follow us on our new Telegram page! We'll be posting knowledge pieces, recent activations and more!

  • Our Partnerships team secured a collaboration with Pendleton for client Princess Cruises to celebrate Alaska and National Parks. Pendleton created a cross-promotion with Princess that includes the Pendleton x Princess Alaska sweepstakes, retail support, LTO Blanket, support through Pendleton’s magazine, online and social media support. The sweepstakes launched 4/2 and runs through Mother’s Day. The Princess x Pendleton partnership will run for a second time in 2025.

  • Our DC Field Marketing team organized multiple costume appearances at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll. The Minions, Garfield and Blue from IF all greeted families and garnered coverage by regional and national media, including The Today Show. See the segment HERE.

Interesting campaigns / creative

  • Specsavers launched an obstacle course game in Roblox, as it seeks to engage younger audiences. (NDA)

  • Tourism Tasmania turned the relative coldness of their winter into a positive with their “Off Season” campaign. (Campaign Brief)

  • In New Zealand, McDonald's added on to the bottom of digital billboards just like consumers add on to their orders. (Campaign Brief)


  • 42% of Canadian households did not have a TV subscription with a traditional provider by the end of last year; meanwhile, more than 80% of households subscribe to a streaming service. (CP24)

  • While half of Americans are interested in the Apple Vision Pro, 76% are "not likely" to buy the gadget. (NextTV)

  • 54% of Gen Zs and Millennials globally believe they get better recommendations for TV shows and movies to watch from social media than from SVODs. (Deloitte)


  • TikTok’s looking to launch a clone of what Instagram originally was, called TikTok Notes, for photo posts. (Social Media Today)

  • If TikTok is banned by the US government, ByteDance still has the option to resell the platform for one year. (Social Media Today)

  • Showtime's streaming app will shut down at the end of April, and its content will be folded into Paramount+. (Variety)

  • TikTok is working on a new feature that would let brands deploy virtual influencers to sell products via videos and live streams in the app. (Social Media Today)

  • Roku is looking into serving users ads on whatever they plug into its TVs while their third-party device is paused. (Engadget)


  • MLB’s season-opening double header in Seoul drew 17M TV viewers in Japan. (Sports Business Journal)

  • Premier Sports has relaunched in the UK after a Viaplay takeover. (Sports Pro Media)

  • Margot Robbie is set to partner with Hasbro for a new film based on the board game Monopoly. (Guardian)

  • Starting with users on Android and iOS devices in the United Kingdom and Australia, Spotify is launching prompt-driven AI playlists. (Spotify)

Tech & AI

  • Meta’s updating its AI content labels to ensure that a broader range of synthetic content is being tagged. (Social Media Today)

  • Adobe has started buying videos to build its AI text-to-video generator and keep up with the competition. (Bloomberg)

  • Meta is testing Meta AI, its LLM-powered chatbot, with WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger users in India and parts of Africa. (Tech Crunch)

  • Dyson’s latest model is compatible with an AR app that shows you where you’ve vacuumed. (The Verge)

Location-based entertainment

  • 2024 might be a slightly slower year for Coachella as AirBnb and VRBO bookings for the two-weekend festival are down 26% from last year. (SFGate)

  • Fanatics wants to do ComicCon, but for sports, so it's hosting a three-day event in New York City this August called Fanatics Fest. (CNBC)

  • April is jam-packed with Broadway openings, with 14 taking place over the course of 11 days. (THR)

  • Disney is overhauling its Disability Access Service program to help ensure it reaches its intended audience. (USA Today)

Travel & hospitality

  • The World Travel and Tourism Council expects that 2024 will shatter all previous records for the global travel industry with an estimated $11T of expected spend. (Travel Pulse)

  • Private dining is expected to continue trending in 2024, and as the movement grows, restaurants are expanding their offerings in creative ways. (Hotel News Resource)

  • Surge pricing is becoming more pervasive in the travel industry, confusing travelers who are looking for the cheapest route to their destination. (Nerd Wallet)

  • The number of American restaurants offering 24-hour service fell 18% from 2020 to 2024. (CNN)


  • Amazon’s adaptation of "Fallout" premiered to strong reviews, with news outlets hailing it as “an absolute blast of a TV show.” (The Guardian)

  • Apple announced that retro game emulators will be available via the App Store. (Gameindustrybiz)

  • Lara Croft was voted the most iconic character ever by the Bafta Games Awards. (BBC News)

  • Roblox introduced programmatic ads for video gamers. (Fortune)

Mental health

  • Here's an interesting read about the Neighborhood Housing Services of Brooklyn's new initiative where they walk up to people in Prospect Park - anyone, not just people who show signs of stress or instability - and ask a conversation-starter question, something like “How are you feeling today?”

  • Physical activity improves cognitive and mental health in all sorts of ways. Here's why and how to reap the benefits.

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