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AGPT Innovators

AGPT Innovators is our newest initiative designed to recognize employees for creative, impactful and/or efficient use cases for AlliedGPT.

  • Congratulations to Jill Waldman from the Client Solutions and Media team, who’s our first AGPT Innovator! Jill faced the daunting task of analyzing a spreadsheet containing over 7,000 lines of PBR 2024 World Finals ticket sales metrics, including purchaser zip codes. To effectively assess the media campaign's performance, she needed to match these zip codes to their corresponding DMAs.

  • Instead of spending hours manually identifying the city associated with each of the thousands of zip codes, Jill leveraged the power of AlliedGPT. By entering the list of zip codes into the "Ask Anything" prompt, she obtained a list of their corresponding DMAs within seconds. This data empowered her to correlate sales with media spend by market, providing valuable insights. In recognition of her innovative use of AlliedGPT, Jill will receive a $100 Amazon gift card.

  • We’re on the hunt for more AGPT Innovators! If you or a team member have used AlliedGPT in an inventive way to improve a process, solve a problem, increase productivity, or create something amazing, please let us know.


In a hurry? Here's our pick of the top news items of the week.

  • The US Justice Department has filed an antitrust lawsuit against Ticketmaster and its parent company, Live Nation Entertainment, alleging that it has a monopoly that suppresses competition. (The Verge)

  • Meta is working on a paid version of its AI assistant, Meta AI, that could challenge ChatGPT, Claude and Gemini. (The Information)

  • Google is making it possible to have Gemini search, summarize and reply to emails from the Gmail app. (The Verge)

  • Google will soon start testing search and shopping ads within AI Overviews for users in the US. (The Verge)

Interesting campaigns / creative

  • Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman put their differences aside over a Heineken in a new spot. (The Drum)

  • La Vie is promoting its plant-based ham with a distinctive pink cab that's renaming Buckingham Palace. (The Drum)

  • E.l.f. aims to empower women at the Indy 500 with a racetrack-themed "Lip Oil Change". (Marketing Dive)


  • 65% of people trust podcasters over social media influencers, according to Spotify's research. (Mumbrella)

  • 92 minutes is Americans' ideal movie length, with just 15% saying a movie should be more than 2 hours. (KMALand)

  • More than half of Gen Z and Millennial streamers globally believe they are overspending on streaming services each month. (Axios)

  • 85% of Amazon’s Prime Video subs are now in the ad-supported tier, more than any other streaming service. (TV Tech)


  • M6 Group has launched a new streaming platform, M6+, offering 30K hours of multimedia content. (BroadbandTVNews)

  • Canal+ has introduced TV+, a new streaming service aggregating over 80 live and replay channels. (BroadbandTVNews)

  • TikTok is testing long video uploads of up to 60 minutes, joining YouTube in increasingly TV-esque territory. (CBS)

  • Instagram is currently testing a new “Lately” feature for Stories, which adds a new, automatically generated highlight feed to your profile. (Social Media Today)

  • TikTok announced a range of updates to streamline the use of its various ad tools, including updates to its AI creative tools. (Social Media Today)


  • Channel 4 will expand its coverage of the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris by streaming over 1.3K hours across multiple platforms, including YouTube. (Sportspro Media)

  • "Deadpool & Wolverine" first-day ticket sales set an R-rated record, with revenue for the day sitting at $8M-$9M. (THR)

  • Premier League scored a record season on NBC Sports, averaging 546K viewers per TV match window. (THR)

Tech & AI

  • News Corp has signed a multi-year deal with Open AI, allowing the latter to train its platforms with News’ premium content. (AdNews)

  • Europe's landmark rules on AI under the EU AI Act will enter into force next month. (Reuters)

  • Microsoft wants to make Windows an AI operating system and is launching Copilot+ PCs. (Tech Crunch)

  • A new Microsoft AI feature, Recall, which uses AI to build a “photographic memory” of a user’s laptop activity that they can then search, is drawing scrutiny from European regulators. (QZ)

  • Social media users are using memes to test and expose the flaws of new AI features, acting as informal "red teams". (Tech Crunch)

Location-based entertainment

  • Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is expected to boost the UK economy by £1B. (NME)

  • Social media influencers and shifting demographics are reshaping Coachella, focusing more on fashion and appealing to younger audiences. (Audiense)

  • WWE SummerSlam tickets are going fast, with the event nearly selling out over 2 months in advance. (SEScoops)

  • Fake Olympics and Taylor Swift tickets are the two biggest online scams consumers are likely to encounter this year. (BBC)

  • Colorado, Minnesota and Maryland are leading the charge for event ticket regulations, passing bills to protect concertgoers. (Scripps)

Travel & hospitality

  • International travel has reached almost full recovery this year, with global tourism levels reaching 97% of pre-pandemic numbers in Q1. (KarryOn)

  • Almost 44M people in the US traveled over Memorial Day weekend, a 4.1% increase over 2019. (Bloomberg)

  • Some restaurants are finding ways, through physical changes and staff training, to welcome diners who are hard of hearing. (Bon Appétit)

  • As a percentage of their travel dollar, Australians are the biggest global spenders on nightlife and experiences, spending 19% on these activities in 2024 compared to the global average of 12%. (Karryon)


  • PlayStation is forging ahead with mobile plans amid rumors of a free mobile service. (

  • Atari has acquired Intellivision and, with it, over 200 games. (Gamesindustrybiz)

  • IGN Entertainment has acquired Eurogamer, GI, VG247, Rock Paper Shotgun and other publishers from the Gamer Network Portfolio. (Gamesdeveloper)

  • The PC release of PlayStation’s "Ghosrt of Tshusima" broke records for Sony and is their biggest PC launch of all time. (Forbes)

Mental health

  • Here's an interesting read about the science behind a good vacation.

  • Turns out digging holes can be a workout and mood booster all rolled into one! Read more about why gardening is so good for you.

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