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Five Pillars of Publicity Strategy

by Steve Flynn, SVP, National Publicity


In a hurry? Here's our pick of the top news items of the week.

  • Among US adults who took a leisure trip in the last year, 11% learned about the destination from a TV show or movie — the same as the share who said they heard about it from an advertisement. (Morning Consult)

  • Instagram introduced download capability for public Reels, letting users save and share this type of content beyond the app. (Tech Crunch)

  • Google Ads postponed the switch to data-driven attribution until mid-July, at which point first click, linear, time decay and position-based attribution models in Google Ads will go away. (Search Engine Journal)

  • Warner Bros. Discovery is shopping some of its HBO library titles to Netflix, marking the first time in nearly a decade that HBO shows would exist on a rival SVOD service in the US. (Deadline)

  • Marvel's "Secret Invasion" opening credits were created using AI, and though the move caused outrage among fans, the creators have reiterated it was a "stylistic choice." (PetaPixel)

_Agency_ updates

  • Our Client Solutions, Creative, Earned, Owned and Paid Media teams supported the Press Preview and Grand Opening of View Boston. Publicity efforts generated over 5.6B impressions from 140+ pieces of coverage in broadcast, print and online publications like the Boston Globe. Our Creative team designed an influencer box for a VIP preview night that led to the attendance of 27 influencers and 12M impressions across 105 influencer posts. Our Media team strategically placed large domination ads at high-reach locations, resulting in website traffic and ticket sales. Additionally, the team utilized 66 billboards throughout the day and launched a Vox Media digital takeover on opening day, generating 13M total impressions.

_Interesting_ campaigns / creative

  • Nikon‘s new Natural Intelligence ad campaign implores us not to give up on the real world. (DIY Photography)

  • Based on a Black Mirror episode, Netflix introduced a promotional website that lets users "sign up" to Streamberry, which looks extremely similar to Netflix's own website. (Mashable)

  • As part of the same campaign, Netflix released a tool that transforms a user's selfie into a poster for Streamberry. (Daily Mail)

  • Pizza Hut tested “underground deliveries” in New York City as part of a campaign promoting the release of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem.” (Marketing Dive)

  • Tubi posted up at the Palais with nine relatable-yet-funny posters promoting fictitious films such as "The Idea Someone Else Did" and "Creative Déjà Vu." (The Drum)


  • Consumers in Japan, South Korea, France and Germany are the least close to maxing out on spending money for subscription services. (Morning Consult)

  • The share of US millennials who owned a VR headset in May was 10 points higher YoY, exceeding the change for other generations. (Morning Consult)

  • 37% of US adults are interested in AI-generated movies; meanwhile. 57% are interested in paying to see a movie in theaters. (Morning Consult)

  • Research in Asia has found that both product recall (10% uplift) and brand recall (12% uplift) are significantly higher for the same ads when shown in a premium OTT environment over a mass environment. (Advanced Television)


  • Discord added new monetization features, letting creators sell downloadable products. (The Verge)

  • Spotify plans to launch a new premium tier that includes HiFi audio, offering subscribers a higher quality listening experience. (Bloomberg)

  • Twitter is making efforts to improve brand safety on its platform, partnering with media companies and advertisers to develop industry standards and guidelines. (Axios)

  • US federal agencies have reduced their ad spending on TikTok due to concerns over the app's ties to the Chinese government. (The Information)

  • Disney has integrated Google's ad ID into its post-cookie ad tech strategy, allowing for more targeted and personalized advertising across its platforms. (AdAge)

  • A US judge granted the Federal Trade Commission's request to temporarily block Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard. (Reuters)

  • British broadcaster Sky has launched a new camera, Sky Live, that’s designed to add more social, fitness and gaming features to its smart TVs. (The Verge)

  • The US Federal Trade Commission is suing Amazon, accusing the company of enrolling customers in its Prime program without consent and making it difficult to cancel subscriptions. (Axios)

  • SVOD revenue in Australia is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 8.2% until 2027, driven by growth in subscriptions and a steady rise in the average monthly revenue per household. (Advanced Television)


  • Disney has faced criticism for perpetuating stereotypes in the animated series "Oye Primos." (Belatina)

  • From the upcoming "Barbie" movie to a purple McDonald's milkshake honoring the 52nd birthday of Grimace, throwback products and entertainment are huge this year. (Axios)

  • Aussie SVOD Stan has extended its partnership with US studio Lionsgate and its network, Starz, to secure a new slate of scripted dramas and theatrical films. (Mumbrella)

  • Beginning in 2024, films will no longer become eligible for the best picture Oscar with just a one-week theatrical release in an approved city, but will require a lengthier stay in theaters. (THR)

  • Trevor Noah is launching an original Spotify weekly podcast set to debut later this year. (Variety)

  • Disney is closing its six remaining linear TV channels in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea as it puts a greater emphasis on direct-to-consumer streaming. (Variety)

  • YouTube is updating its policies on impersonation and will remove any fan channels that are not obviously fan accounts. (9to5Google)

_Tech_ _&_ AI

  • About 150M people have used the Snapchat’s My AI chatbot, sending more than 10B messages. (WSJ)

  • TuneCore has partnered with CreateSafe and Grimes to let TuneCore artists distribute collaborations created through Grimes’ Elf.Tech AI to all major streaming platforms. (DMY)

  • Gannett is exploring the use of generative AI to assist in content creation, with humans maintaining the final say to ensure quality control and accuracy. (Reuters)

  • Vimeo has introduced three AI-powered editing features, including automatic video cropping, smart text detection and audio enhancement, to enhance the editing process for its users. (Tech Crunch)

  • IBM is working with All England Club to launch a new feature that leverages generative AI to produce tennis commentary for all video highlights during the Wimbledon tournament. (QZ)

  • AR gaming company Niantic unveiled a new in-game ads product called Rewarded AR, which lets consumers engage with branded AR experiences that unlock in-game rewards. (Marketing Dive)

  • TikTok added a new AI-powered tool, Script Generator, to help users create better videos by mapping out video concepts based on prompts. (Social Media Today)

Location-based _entertainment_

  • Global cinema admissions will reach 7.2B in 2027, but helped by higher ticket prices, revenue will reach pre-COVID pandemic levels by 2025. (THR)

  • New Jersey gambling revenue reached $471M in May, showing mixed results but still up 9.4% YoY. (Yogonet)

  • Singapore Airlines is named the World’s Best Airline at the 2023 World Airline Awards, with Qatar Airways ranked 2nd and ANA All Nippon Airways in 3rd place. (WAA)

  • Avelo is expanding at Harry Reid International Airport in September with four new nonstop flights to destinations previously unserved from Las Vegas. (LVRJ)

  • Carrie Underwood returned to Resorts World stage for REFLECTION: The Las Vegas Residency. (Webwire)

  • Though attendance hasn't yet reached pre-pandemic levels, Disneyland’s 16.9M visitors in 2022 was 90% of the 18.7M that came to the park in 2019. (OC Register)

  • The British Columbia Lottery Corporation announced it’s going to start checking visitor IDs before allowing them on the gaming floors. (

  • "Life of Pi" will play its final Broadway performance on July 23rd, and a North American tour of the show is scheduled to launch in fall of 2024. (Deadline)

_Mental_ health

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