_Agency_ reporting insights

AGMK subscribers continue to steadily climb MoM with total AGM contacts at 3,767 in August, up about 1% MoM from July. Email signatures brought the most new sign-ups with 25. Email engagement continues to be well above industry benchmarks. We saw a 51% average open rate in August while our click rate remained consistent MoM at 3.5%. Our knowledge posts once again generated the most clicks in August.

Engagement with site content overall continues to be high at a 51% engagement rate, though this is down 7% from July. Total users declined by 66% MoM, though total traffic dropped just 16%. This decrease is mostly due to a steep decline in press mentions compared to previous months. Searches for Allied Global Marketing are down 18% MoM likely as a result.

Top Knowledge Posts in terms of site pageviews continue to be search and influencer focused.

  • Google’s New AI SGE Revolutionizes Search Results - 1.9K

  • Changing a Domain Name without Hurting SEO - 1.8K

  • Rethinking Influencer Marketing ROI - 702

Our analysis and comparison of different LLMs garnered over 500 clicks in August.

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