_Agency_ reporting insights

We continue to see MoM growth in AGMK subscribers thanks to newly-implemented prompts for subscription activity, including links on social and within AGM signatures. Total AGM contacts total 3,736, up 1.2% from July. Social efforts have brought 34 sign-ups in July, and email signatures have brought 31. Email engagement continues to be above the industry benchmark - we saw a 51% open rate in July compared to the industry average of 22%, and we see a 3.5% average click rate compared to the industry average of 2%. The majority of clicks go to our Knowledge posts.

Our Threads knowledge post series published in July was extremely successful in terms of engagement - we saw CTRs around 10% and above!

  • How Threads Impacts Your Overall Marketing Strategy - 13% CTR

  • Threads - Preparing for Paid - 9% CTR

  • Unraveling Threads: Metrics and Measurement - 10% CTR

  • Thread Carefully: Nurture Your Brand on Meta’s New Social Network - 10% CTR

  • Introducing Brands on Threads: Making a Unique Impression - 9% CTR

Top Knowledge Posts in terms of site pageviews continue to be search and influencer focused.

  • Changing a Domain Name without Hurting SEO - 4.3K

  • Google’s New AI SGE Revolutionizes Search Results - 1.5K

  • Rethinking Influencer Marketing ROI - 1.5K

Additionally, our press release promoting our win of the LA Tourism business generated over 500 pageviews.

Overall site traffic was also up 7% MoM, with the site seeing 9,528 total users globally. Visitors from APAC in particular saw an 18% increase MoM, the most of any territory. However, when it comes to homepage and Knowledge engagement for July, LATAM visitors were the most engaged.

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