_Agency_ reporting insights

We continue to see MoM growth in AGMK subscribers with 3,802 total contacts in September, up 1.1% from August. Email signatures brought in the most "new sign-ups" in the last month (21). Our open rate continues to be more than twice the industry average at about 51% (compared to 22%). We also see a 3.5% average click rate, more than the industry benchmark of 2%. The majority of clicks continue to go to our Knowledge posts.

Posts featured in the September 13th AGM Knowledge Insider garnered a 20% CTR

  • The Rise of International Content - 409 clicks

  • Standing Out at Consumer Trade Show Events - 414 clicks

In terms of the best performing posts over the last month, topics on AI, PR, and S&I have led the pack, with recent posts generating 2K+ views globally.

  • Google's New AI SGE Revolutionizes Search Results and Impacts SEO - 1.4K

  • Navigating Marketing & PR During Hollywood Strikes - 588

  • Elevating Results Through Strategic Brand Audits - 456

Site engagement was up 3.2% MoM to 52% though new users and total traffic were both down about 3%, indicating quality of content remains high. APAC and LATAM had 15% more users visiting the site MoM though NA users were down 3% and EMEA users down 2%. LATAM users were also the most engaged of any region, followed by EMEA.

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