CRM Subscribers

As of May, our total contacts stand at 4,022, completely flat MoM. Email signatures drove 21 of the 30 new sign-ups, in line with previous months. New subscribers from social media efforts drove 6 sign-ups in May which is flat with April. As noted in previous months, we have decreased social content focusing on newsletter sign-ups as it sees the least engagement. Email engagement, however, continues to outperform industry benchmarks (MailChimp December 2023). In April, the open rate stood at 49%, more than double the industry average of 22% and flat MoM. The click-through rate also compares favorably at 2.2%, 10% above the 2% benchmark. The performance is consistent with previous months.

  • Given our high engagement rate with current subscribers, to boost sign-ups, we may want to consider testing a referral incentive where current subscribers can refer friends and receive a reward for successful sign-ups.

Knowledge Content

Of knowledge posts that were published in May, "The Rise of Retailainment" was the top performer with 936 page views with most of the traffic coming from LinkedIn (444). While we've stopped posting knowledge posts on LinkedIn due to low engagement, the platform does show signs of being a solid driver of clicks. We will work to identify which upcoming topics are on beat enough to promote on LinkedIn as a test.

The post with the most views in May is “5 Trends Transforming Brand Experiences in 2024” with 1.8K+ views. This topic continues to resonate and we will look to include more "trending" topic type posts like this one to see if we can replicate the success.

Looking at performance since January 2023 as opposed to only May 2024, “5 Trends Transforming Brand Experiences in 2024” still dominates with 13k+ views

Site Traffic

Site traffic decreased by 11.4% from April to May. The number of new users also decreased by 11.1% MoM, reaching 10,463. Much of this decline can be attributed to the fact that the knowledge post “5 Trends Transforming Brand Experiences.” attracted 11K views in April alone, with the majority of that traffic coming from search. The overall engagement rate, percentage of engaged sessions on the website, declined by 3.4%. We define engaged sessions as "a session that lasts longer than 10 seconds, has a conversion event, or has at least 2 pageviews or screenviews".

Instagram Social performance

Key metrics - all % changes are MoM

  • Impressions: 19,561 (-41%)

  • Engagements: 929 (-11%)

  • Engagement rate: 4.7% (+51.6%)

  • Link in bio clicks: 151 (-13%)

  • Followers: 25,608 (+0.7%)

  • Net Follower Growth: 183 (+15%)

  • 57 posts (-46%): 7 Carousels, 9 Videos, 41 Photos

  • Top Performing Post (by engagements): One World Observatory 156 engagements (likes/comments/shares/saves)

  • Lowest Performing Post (by engagements): ICYMI May 1st 42 engagements (likes/saves)

  • Knowledge Sign-ups: 3 (0%)


  • Impressions decreased by 41% as we posted 46% less this month, thus leading to fewer opportunities for users to see our content. However, the users that did see our content engaged heavily at a 4.7% engagement rate, which is a 51% increase from last month. Will increase posts in June to boost metrics.

  • Top posts continue to be easily recognizable IP. Our most engaged with post featured beautiful, eye-catching creative showcasing our team’s work for One World Observatory.

  • Our two lowest performing posts were ICYMI’s. Our audience continues to show the least engagement with these posts MoM.

Facebook social performance

Key metrics - all % changes are MoM

  • Impressions: 4,287 (-38%)

  • Engagements: 132 (-21%)

  • Followers: 26,101 (0%)

  • Net Follower Growth: -10 (-60%)

  • 8 Posts: 3 videos and 5 photos

  • Engagement rate: 3.1% (+27%)

  • Top Performing Post (by engagement): Field White House Easter Egg Roll 31 engagements (likes/comments/image clicks)

  • Lowest Performing Post (by engagement): Allied x Variety Cannes Lunch 5 engagements (likes/video clicks)


  • Facebook continues to be our lowest performing platform MoM, with all metrics this month in the red. Most notably engagements decreased by 42% and net follower Facebook continues to be our lowest performing platform MoM, with almost all metrics in the red, combined with posting 38% less this month, possibly contributing to these decreases. Users that did see our content heavily engaged compared to last month at a 3.1% engagement rate, a 27% increase. Net followers have been in the negative since November 1st.

  • We will keep posting to keep a Facebook presence; however, we’re monitoring to see if net followers continue to decrease.

LinkedIn social performance

Key metrics - all % changes are MoM

  • Impressions: 18,005 (-50%)

  • Engagements: 1,462 (-66%)

  • Engagement rate: 8.1% (-31%)

  • Image Clicks: 1,270 (-66%)

  • Followers: 38,365 (+.8%)

  • Net Follower Growth: 314 (-38%)

  • 11 Posts: 8 Photos, 3 Links (-42%)

  • Top Performing Post - Field White House Easter Egg Roll 1,352 engagements (likes/shares/image clicks)

  • Lowest Performing Posts (by engagements): AAPI Heritage Month Concert Invite 16 engagements (likes/image clicks)

  • Knowledge sign-ups: 3 (+50%)


  • Almost all metrics were in the red this month as we posted 42% less, leading to decreased impressions, engagements, image clicks, and net follower growth. Users that did see our content seemed to be less engaged with what they saw, as our engagement rate per impression also decreased by 31%. Will increase posts in June to boost metrics.

  • Top posts were a mix of recognizable IP that included The White House, popular Broadway shows, and our eye-catching build in Sydney to promote LA Tourism. Lowest performing posts included an ICYMI, and the AAPI Heritage month concert invite.

  • We did receive a 50% increase in Knowledge sign-ups with 3 compared to 2 last month. We expect sign-ups to stay around this range, as we have less content focusing on newsletter sign-ups, only the bi-weekly ICYMI.

Telegram social performance

We launched Telegram in April to post the Knowledge articles and ICYMI’s, prompting followers to sign up for the newsletter. We promoted it by posting across all platforms, Instagram Feed and Stories, LinkedIn, and Facebook, prompting users to follow the page, with link to telegram in bio/caption. We have only gained 11 total followers to the page, will monitor over the next quarter to see if followers increase. We will also be creating another round of posts announcing that we are on the platform to obtain more followers.

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