Apex campaign highlight

  • In H2 2023, APEX executed programmatic display and video campaigns for beIN Sports with the goal of driving subscriptions for their sports streaming service. The initial phase of the campaign was launched in July, targeting the Australian market, which drove over 3,240 subscriptions. This was achieved with a highly efficient combined CPS of AU$28.67 (Display: AU$20, Video: AU$70), well below the SVOD CPA benchmark of AU$62.87.

    Subsequently, in September, APEX launched additional campaigns focused on the New Zealand market. This also saw positive results with a total of 603 new subscriptions, achieved with an efficient CPA of AU$28.64 (Display: AU$23, Video: AU$51).

    The Australian media team has just presented their H2 review and are currently shaping their campaign strategy for 2024.

Industry updates

A reminder to the media team that Google will start rolling out their third-party cookie depreciation beginning January 2024. Please check with your respective partners to see how performance might be affected as it unfolds.

  • Google will herald in the new year by depreciating third-party cookies for 1% of Chrome users on January 4th, 2024. (Ad Exchanger)

  • Here are three lessons from Scandi-Land to help you navigate the cookieless future. (Ad Exchanger)

  • GroupM launches new “readiness program” in partnership with Google Chrome, aimed at understanding how the ad tech ecosystem will evolve once cookies are sunset in 2024. (AdAge)

  • With third-party cookies disappearing in 2024, here’s what you need to know about about Google’s post-cookie ad tech. (AdAge)

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