_Apex_ campaign highlight

  • To expand our Out-of-Home reach for our client, Sephora, we launched a DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) campaign through Apex. For eight weeks we ran across a number of partners to reach the right demo audience in a 5-10 mile radius around the stores. We reached approximately 6 million impressions within salons, grocery stores, gyms, luxury apartment/office buildings lobbies & elevators. The client was pleased with this addition, and we have since added this tactic to many of Sephora’s New Store Opening campaigns especially for those markets that have limited traditional OOH inventory available.

_Agency_ priority

  • Google has recently rolled out its mandatory Advertiser Verification program on DV360 and will require all advertisers to begin the process of verifying their identity. Once Google has verified an advertiser’s identity, an ad disclosure will automatically be generated for all future ads to ensure transparency, choice, and control for consumers. Over the coming weeks we will reach out to individual planners with instructions to pass along to clients on how to verify their identities to ensure uninterrupted service to their campaigns.

_Industry_ updates

  • Advertisers and agencies are reluctant to invest in testing cookie alternatives in digital advertising due to concerns about standardization, privacy, and cross-platform solutions. Some are waiting for clearer industry guidance before committing to a particular solution. (AdWeek)

  • Several publishers have accused ad tech firms of selling their contextual data without proper authorization, arguing that the practice constitutes IP theft and are calling for greater transparency and accountability in the use of their data. (AdWeek)

  • The FTC is increasing its scrutiny of the digital advertising pixels used by advertisers and publishers to track user behavior across the web, citing concerns about privacy and consumer protection. (AdWeek)

  • Starting May 20th, Google will depreciate the use of the following audience targeting features: Activity Based Audiences, Google Audiences & Combined Audiences, Audience Composition Reports and Targeting Expansion to be replaced by Optimized Targeting. (Google)

This email is for AGM employees only; please do not forward it outside of the agency. If you would like to recommend or test Apex for a client, please reach out to the Apex team (Apex@alliedglobalmarketing.com) and we will work with you on targeted client-facing materials.

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