_Apex_ campaign highlight

  • For our client, The Cleveland Orchestra, we recently tested two different programmatic display partners within the same campaign - Quantcast, a managed partner, as well as Apex. The Quantcast campaign was focused on look-alike modeling based on purchasers whereas the Apex campaign utilized a combination of 3rd party audiences and retargeting. Ultimately we decided to switch to Apex only as it delivered a 2.5X higher ROI, 35% lower CPA and 2X CTR compared to Quantcast. In consultation with the client, we've since decided to focus our programmatic display efforts on APEX, which has consistently delivered solid conversions and engagements.

_Capabilities_ new and upcoming

  • DV360 now allows advertisers to retarget users using first-party data segments across connected TV. (Search Engine Journal)

  • We are currently exploring alternative DSPs for our gambling clients due to the high amount of restrictions imposed by our current platforms.

_Industry_ updates

  • The trend of state level privacy laws gains momentum as new bills seeking to curb the use of personal data for customized ads pass through state legislatures in Montana and Tennessee. (AdWeek)

  • Graham Media shares insights from their initial experiments with Google’s cookie alternatives claiming a 60% to 70% recovery in demand lost when browsers began depreciating third-party cookies. (AdAge)

  • Google gives update on their post-cookie ad tech solution providing a glimpse into how ads could perform through a combination of new targeting and privacy measures. (AdAge)

  • Programmatic advertising revenue showed continued growth year-over-year from 2021-2022, despite larger slowdown in digital ad sales. (AdAge)

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